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L'Art de recevoir - Savon
L'Art de recevoir - Savon

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Infrared sauna session (30 mins) – 25 €

Ideal for letting go, relaxing, releasing nervous and muscular tensions. Useful to strengthen your immune defenses, detoxify and purify your body. Great for weight loss and management. Cutting-edge technology for global support.

Jacuzzi session (30 mins) / 25 €

It stimulates the production of endorphin, the hormone of well-being, which relieves pain, releases muscle and nervous tension and promotes relaxation. Its effect is not only temporary, it lasts for days and improves overall health in the long term.


Hammam shower (20 mins) / 25 €

For absolute relaxation, the hammam shower is there to relax your body and access a world of luxury and pleasure. The hammam shower has been known since ancient times to be a natural remedy for rheumatism and muscle fatigue. Ideal for relaxing your body after intense physical exertion, it is the ritual of high level athletes to regain tone and vitality.



Our well-qualified well-being practitioners offer you a personalized massage menu and are attentive to your desires. Remember to book.

Heated swimming pool

Le Mas des grè, côté piscine

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